Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board

OK, so the state Baptist Convention wasn't exactly the place to "take my time." Though I did enjoy a delicious chocolate cake-ey dessert thing, and an even more delicious novel, I also came back with a load of stuff to sort out, in my suitcase and in my brain.

Note to self: Baptist Convention, while fun in its own wierd way, not the place for a 30 something female to expect emotional relaxation.

I have a sneaky suspicion, though, that the retreat I'm doing this weekend might be. My sister's flying in and I am resolved to somehow de-frag my mind and heart in the course of this weekend. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Takin' my Time

I'm getting tired. How do I know, you ask? Well... for one thing, (see me look down at the ground sheepishly) I had road rage yesterday morning.

I was in the car line at the kids' school and Mackenzie was getting out of the van. My Mackenzie is the most peaceful, wonderful person in the whole wide world. She's not the type of girl that hurries. Evidently, a parent behind me thought she was taking to long, and HONKED. Mama Bear didn't like that! Instantly I was at a boil. I often resist the urge to be impatient in the morning car line, remembering that it is early morning and none of these children are at fault even if I'm in a serious time crunch. So I turned my body around, and gave my "Are you kidding me?" look to the driver behind me. It's the look I wear mostly when I'm watching a political debate or the local news.

Then I turned around and started praying that I hadn't provoked someone to come after me with a gun or something!! And I started thinking, "WHAT is wrong with me? I have got to get a grip."

This week, our community has faced an event that would make anyone's hair stand on end. And oh, if I could recount the adventures I've personally experienced... the frustrations and challenges of trying to move seemingly hopeless situations in positive directions would render this blog at least PG-13. It's been an unusually difficult week after an unusually busy week.

OK, so how does a Christ follower stay focused in the middle of all the honking and hurrying and helping and hurting? What's the key to keeping your peace in the middle of chaos? Of course, I know all the Jesus answers and I know I'm never without His presence, I know I always have His peace and that hope is a fixture of the Christian life. I know that my reality doesn't lie in what is going on around me. And yet, I have to admit that I'm human and we humans get tired. I get tired.

Time for some rest. Time to draw aside and refuel. I might sleep late. I might get a pedicure. I might take a long bath. I might just sneak off with a Bible and some tissues. Ooooh, and I might read a fiction book and eat some chocolate...cake.

Oh yeah, it's time to take my time. Hope you take your time too.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Havin' FUN

My son told me something this week. (He turned five on Friday!) On Wednesday, we were headed to school and I reminded him that he would be having a party at school, it being Halloween and all. He enthusiastically said: "YES! God is gonna have so much FUN goin' with me today!"

Wow. A five year old just taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my life. Oh, I know God loves me. I've been taught since before I could understand words. But I guess I've always had the notion that He does His share of arm-crossing as He monitors my life. I often forget that God enjoys me, and wants me to enjoy Him.

As the good, strict Baptist I've always been, I've not regularly pictured God enjoying Himself, and certainly never at a Halloween party. My son hasn't had time for made-up rules to cloud his understanding. He knew the truth: God was goin' with him, and they were gonna have fun. That's the kind of relationship you and I can have with God, too. No wonder Jesus said unless we become like little children, we won't enter the kingdom of Heaven.

I'm off to watch my brother perform at a family community festival. I have a feeling God'll have fun there, too.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sharin the Joy

The book is officially out! Tonight I savored some wonderful moments with some people I love very much, who came to celebrate with me. Here's a shot from one of the readings:

Feels funny to read your own stuff aloud!!

God has kissed me again, and I am grateful. More details later, but for now I'm headed off for some happy sleep.