Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Peanut Gallery

Levi: (Commenting on my new back brace to help with lower back and round ligament pain) "Are you gonna wear that all the time?"

Me: "Well, it helps my back feel better."

Levi: "I'm a man. So I don't get back pain. Unless I have a cramp.... Now, preg-i-nit women... (with a shake of his head) THEY get a lot of cramps."

This is pregnancy from a seven year old boy's perspective. I love being "preg-i-nit!"

Monday, November 16, 2009


Just a few questions...

Why does pregnancy make food fall on your clothes? I walk around every day with SOMETHING on my shirt. Am I really that much of a pig?

Why can't I ever, EVER get full? I'm hungry ALL the time!!

How is it that I can be so proud of my daughter and how grown up she is, and want her to come back and be a baby again all at the same time??

Is it really true that a new baby can make me love the babies I already have a million times more?

Why do I expect so much of myself? Why all the perfectionism crap?

Where is my nap?

Where do college students' parents think their children are when they are actually sitting near me and my family on the streetcar wearing next to nothing and acting way too desperate? And how will I keep my daughter from engaging in such?

Why are the people at the coffee shop on Oak Street and Carollton so unfriendly? I mean, you can be bohemian and funky and all... and still be friendly to your customers. GOSH!! All I wanted was a steamer.

Will my son remember walking to the streetcar stop and riding downtown with me and his S-Dad, just for fun? Will he remember all the crazy stuff we can see in this city? Will he know how much fun I had showing it to him?

Why can't we watch Napoleon Dynamite every day? I love that movie!! Are you gonna eat your tots?

How come I'm writing these silly questions when there are a zillion other deep thoughts I could be sharing?

Why can't every day be Monday?

Why do I let people who have done enough to hurt me, and yet somehow still feel entitled to treat me as he, I mean they, please continue to hurt me? I think I'm finished with that.

What are we havin' for Thanksgiving? Pecan pie, I hope. I'd really love some pecan pie right now.

Why don't I spend more time being silly? I haven't been nearly silly enough. There goes that perfectionism again...

Who knows...

And I thought I had all the answers... Turns out I mostly just have questions.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Baby CALEB!!!

Here's our baby, Caleb!

His face in 4-D.

Here, he's waving hello to his big brother Levi and his big sister, Mackenzie. They had so much fun seeing him on the screen. You can see the side of his head and his profile, but the hand is kind of covering his mouth.

Sorry for the funny way they look, had to scan the hard copies in, but I wanted to get them up here to celebrate! He's growing so well, his heart looks good, kidneys, brain, everything!!! YAY! He does happen to be breech right now, but that can and hopefully will change before time to make his appearance. Any prayers anyone wants to say to that effect will be welcome. Sorry to brag and run, but just had to show my little joy. More later!!