Friday, January 29, 2010


It's been WAY too long since I did this.

My life is full of little blisses. Last night, a long conversation with a friend who is walking through what I walked through 2 years ago made me remember. How did you get through? He asked. I focused on life's smallest joys. That was really the main thing I did. And I've quit doing it as much as I should. Smiles come my way through:

A big yellow dog with hair all over my boy after they play.
My very own chef who makes me pancakes on his day off.
Selfsame chef who puts up with me tossing and turning all night and wakes up to see if I need anything, and then still gets up on his day off to help me get the kids ready.
A primping twelve year old girl who borrows my necklace and my lotion.
My Sugarland CD. Turned up LOUD.
Starbucks Venti Passion Tea, Iced with an extra shot of sweet, baby!
Lunch with a friend
Mardi Gras!! And KING CAKE!!

A short list, but effective. Enjoy your own blisses today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year

The New Year has begun. Though I must confess, it snuck up on me!! (Is snuck a word? I don't really think so, but oh well.... "sneaked" doesn't really sound better and I don't have time to look it up.) Back to the point...our New Year's Eve was spent sick in bed with a stomach flu. My husband had it first, so by New Year's Eve, he was taking his turn as caregiver to me and I was doing my best to get over it so we could go pick up the kids. We took it easy and made the trip to FL and back, bringing our little loves home. The kids had a fun visit to FL for the most part, though there were some not so great moments and I find myself facing big challenges helping my children deal with those. I HATE, and I do mean ABSOLUTELY HATE the fact that my children must be out of my care. Hurtful things happen to them that I can't prevent. I know reality is I'll never be able to prevent all of life's pain for my children, never really could, but it still sucks, plain and simple.

However, they're home now and getting back to their usual wonderful crazy selves. We are lovin' it. Our home is full of so much laughter. Dwayne and I laugh a lot anyway, and the kids join in with one antic or another, and then add our big ol' dog to the mix and we are a crazy bunch. Now we're getting all set up for baby Caleb and ready to add little brother. Never a dull moment indeed.

I'm finding that I really love building a home here in New Orleans... with a New Orleanian. "Let the good times roll!" isn't just a saying here, it's a way of life, and is a big part of our life. I love my Florida roots, my upbringing there was priceless. I'm also loving bringing up my kids with those same good ol' values mixed with a zest and love for life that can't be found anywhere but the Big Easy.

The last few years have been nothing short of hell on earth for me and my babies. We've seen a lot of bad... and a lot of good too. Though my new year came in quietly, without much observation at all, I'm still happy for the newness and renewal brought about by another January. My new family is getting stronger (and larger!) by the minute, and we are moving into a bright future together. My goal, if any, for this year? Make the MOST of every minute. Revel in every happiness. Appreciate every moment of joy, every little hug, every loving touch, every second of laughter with the ones I love. That's it. And really... what else is there?

To all of you: Let the good times roll!! Happy New Year!!